Monthly 200s

January started our annual journey through monthly 200s. The set’s goal is to improve your 200 Freestyle time as the months progress. This set usually takes place on the last Thursday of each month between now and April. The set is as follows: 5 x 200 Freestyle on a moderate interval. The first 200 will be easy and you should get about 20 seconds rest. The second 200 in the set is the critical swim; faster, but not so fast that you can’t hold the pace for the next three 200s. Number two through five should allow you to get 20 to 30 seconds rest. I keep track of your number two 200 time each month, and hopefully in subsequent months you will improve enough to beat that time.

Your Swim Times

Speaking of keeping track time, did you know that I have the times from the following practice swims? Timed 500s , monthly 200s, and your times from any completed postal events. If you’re interested in seeing your times, just ask, they are a few clicks away on my iPad®.