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38th Annual Sweetheart Swim Meet, Saturday morning January 28, sign up now

From Coach Doug
This will be our 38th annual swim meet. Loveland Masters has a great reputation for hosting swim meets and it’s because we have a great team of volunteers. In addition to volunteering, I am asking everyone to swim a couple of events. Triathletes, swimming the 500 at the end of the meet is a great way to get in some distance swimming. For those with trouble counting that high, we are also offering all of the traditional shorter events. Diving is not required, though we will be working on dives during practices this month.

My challenge for Loveland Masters is to get 15 of you to sign up and participate in the meet. Before the meet, the 15 or more of you will gather and pick any three events for me to swim (not back to back), and I will buy the first round of beer at the craft beer tour for those participating swimmers. I’ll keep the events legal, but not necessarily fast.

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Craft Beer Tour, Saturday afternoon January 28, sign up now 

Distance Swim Clinic, Sunday morning January 29
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