USMS Registrations DUE

We’re narrowing in on completing our 2017 USMS registration. If you haven’t renewed, do so TODAY. Recent rankings show us barely outpacing FAST Masters, but I know Coach Eric will give us a good run for our money. In 2016, Loveland Masters had 74 USMS registered swimmers. So far in the 2017 registration year we’ve registered 39 swimmers, where are the rest of you?

Online Registration

Starting with the holiday party, signups for our social events, from parties to community service, will be online. Just go to the website calendar page, navigate to the event day, click the event, and follow the sign-up instructions. You’ll be asked to create a user name and login; please keep track of this information. As the website continues to develop, additional password-protected information will be posted, such as roster information and swim records.

Goal Setting

As we move into 2017, I encourage each of you to set swimming goals. Goal setting provides focus to your swimming. I welcome the opportunity to discuss how together we can accomplish those goals, be it losing weight or achieving a faster time in a specific event. I’m happy to discuss your goals on deck, with a cup of coffee, or via email.


Our next social event will be our Holiday Hangover Party on January 8. To sign up, visit our calendar entry. 

Sweetheart Swim Meet

The 2017 Sweetheart meet will be on Saturday morning January 28. In addition to the meet, we will also be providing the following swimming and social activities:

  • Loveland Craft Beer Tour—after the meet on Saturday
  • Swim Clinic—being planned for Sunday morning January 29, with an Olympian
  • Hour Swim—being planned for Sunday morning January 29
  • Ski Day at Copper Mountain—planned for Monday January 30
  • Sign up for all the events now!

Flowers Sea Swim

June 8-13 on your calendar for the 25th Annual Flowers Sea Swim, in Grand Cayman Islands.
Learn more!