3000 Postal Swims Underway

Congrats to: Jayna Heimark, Angi Smith, Alexandra Lessem, and Sarah Mulder who were the first swimmers to get the 3000 swim behind them. When are you going to get your swim done, you have until November 15. If you’ve done your swim, register now.

Halloween Practice and Coffee

Our next social event will be coffee after practice on Saturday Oct 29. This will be our Halloween practice with a fair amount of Tricks and Treats.

Sweetheart Swim Meet

The 2017 Sweetheart meet will be on Saturday morning January 28. In addition to the meet, we will also be providing the following swimming and social activities:

  • Loveland Craft Beer Tour—after the meet on Saturday
  • Swim Clinic—being planned for Sunday morning January 29, with an Olympian
  • Hour Swim—being planned for Sunday morning January 29
  • Ski Day at Copper Mountain—planned for Monday January 30


Flowers Sea Swim

June 8-13 on your calendar for the 25th Annual Flowers Sea Swim, in Grand Cayman Islands.
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